Well to begin i would just like to say that all of the following is complete theory based on beliefs, knowledge, understanding & a little madness.

First of all God is mentions numerous times during this theory write up but it is not being used in a religious sense or understanding more of a word to discribe something we dont know, see or even understand but would have to exist for anything to exist.
Secondly many words i will use are common words known by everyone well almost dependant on age and education but hopefully many of you will understand them, but if im using them in some other context i will explain that as i come to it.

We a perceptual being who percieves that what they are precieving as life, this doesnt explain much but life is how you precieve it wether thats right or wrong to everyone else in this shared perceptual universe is another matter.
We as a perceptual being have a perceptual range which under normal conditions is the same as everyone else in the shared reality.

Due to illness and drugs this perceptional range can be increased, illness is a natural increase & drugs being a unnatural increase both achieve the same goal.
If you can see something to you its real to you wether the rest of the shared reality see it or not it does not mean that the person has a mental illness.
It means their perceptual range (ie: Things in their perception) is higher than the other perceptual beings in the same shared 100% perceptual existence.
This perceptual range can include spirits, ghosts, aliens, people being after you, talking to god & other voices inside your head.

Now afew things about how i believe this is going to end, its not scary or stupid its just we need a reason to exist, well this is mine.

I believe we always exist in some form or other but its always a perceptual existence that fits your level achieved in your previous lifetime starting from say gold fish.
This current perceptual existence if you die a natural death automaticly puts you into the next level of perceptual existence aslong as your range is high enough for that existence and DMT was released when you died.
Life is like a stepping stone to becoming your own god within god one day, but i doubt it will be called day or even time but it will be a time as known in this perceptual range.

You fail here aslong as your bloodline continues you continue within the system thats not to say you cant achieve this higher level while your bloodline is currently active in this perceptual existence.

Understanding this isnt important im basicly writing this for my mental health doctor to save me alot of time, effort & memory.

Now for the paranoid bit...
Some how the government/secret leaders/freemasons are at a perceptual level at birth to understand what they have to do to achieve this next level many of them it will just be dying.
They have got this perceptual reality so locked down because of the fear this perceptual reality has installed in them they dont want others to achieve the same or even better perceptual range.
This is because the higher the range the more control you have over the lower ranges so probably even my doctor knows this even though his active mind doesnt process it but the subconsious knows it all too well.
Now this bring up another question is the subconscious shared between everyone in shared reality, shared with rest of your bloodline or shared with everything in existence.
I Choose basicly for my own good and everyone else i love who is not in my family that its bloodline based but already know the outcome of 99% of your days here in this perceptual universe.
You may have expirenced these memorys as dajavoo or feelings when something bad is going to happen even though you haven't directly been told, heard or expecting anything.

Another theory but i choose to not believe this one in my own perception is that i am a figment of my own imagination, but if i am well amazing making myself superman next time.

Now what they are doing to slow down or damage perceptual range.

First - Doctor Illness approach - if you talk to god your ill we have pills for that, you see aliens we have pills for that, people are after you we have pills for that. (Im not saying all illness is an perceptual range increaser just for those right at the end of the road in this existence so to speak)
Second - Drug Laws - they dont allow drugs to be used by anyone for any reason mainly because they know that these are the serious game changers i would'nt even be suprised if you skip whole perceptual levels for those nearing the end at the start. (I knew this at age 4)
Third - War - Unnatural deaths dont help anyone but themselves i would not be suprised if hitler himself wasnt at the end of his own perceptual level.
Fourth - Money/Wealth - While money or wealth is your main object other than bettering yourself perceptually you wont perceptually increase anything because you are so focused on those things in this reality.
Fifth - Games/Films/Books - Even completely fictional things of this category are based on real things that are believed will be possible or is possible within time (Not all games or horror books and films but a high majority of these are perceptual holes)
Sixth - Schooling/Training - Training you to exist with the rest of the perceptual reality in ways that ground you from actually progressing within the level system.

Now abit about my past beliefs and understandings with abit of current day beliefs throw in for comparison.

First i started off talking to god which obviously i knew wasnt good so i went to the doctors for help but only because god told me it would'nt make a difference.
Then i was stalked by aliens which was abit freaky n had me all over the place but the good doctor soon fixed that.
Now my current senario we a perceptual life form living inside god without any help from him apart from the building blocks of the reality supplied.
This is not to say god is blind to us because infact we are like a natural feelings generator which god actually feels with us which is also part of the perception package.

So what we should do as a human race (Funny its called a race maybe everyone heres achieved it and first one to win becomes god)

Abolish money as a whole and have buisness credits to keep the cogs turning.
Abolish mental health or change it to reflect the true understandings of going mental.
Make all the main drugs legal only banning drugs which do direct damage to the body ie: Yaba, Meth. (Weed, Speed, Heroin, Cocaine, Ecstasy & LSD would all be legal.)
Bring world peace with new understanding of what they could achieve (If they want to progress i understand many want to stay for family, friends & Human Resources)
Ban international news or control it all to the state its either a uplifting story, something that will promote happiness or good living, telling you a roads blocked or the weather. (No reports of bombings and deaths, Explained below)
Deaths should only be mourned by family of the person, also friends or anyone that knew them directly from real life not tv. (Which if i have this right will make god feel a billion times better and we might even get a live appearance)

End little passage...
As i said above ive known this fact since i was 4, i knew there was something in this reality that could tip the scales in my favor
This i found out to be drugs not that i take many of them these days but i installed perceptual madness by the age of 11.
Not believing me is your free choice as a perceptual being of this universe but in 30,000 years this will be the normal understanding oh the last of the human race.
I just pray to god im first hehe although all those LSD hippies in the 60s might have already got there although computer understanding ie: coding is needed for the next level of existence & it wont be code & it wont be computers but the basic construct will be very simlar.